The Physiology & Psychology of Healthy Weight Management



Healthy & Safe Weight Management

Healthy weight loss isn’t just about a “diet” or “program.” It’s about an ongoing lifestyle that includes long-term changes in daily eating and exercise habits.

Group 1: 'Go' Foods

These food items you can eat plentifully and are high water content.

Group 2: 'Easy Does It' Foods

Good for you foods. They need to be moderated.

Group 3: 'Caution' Foods

These are foods to be eaten sparingly.

Group 4: 'Avoid' Foods

Avoid or cut way back on these foods. Disease & fat producing.

You may know what you need to eat to be healthy but a primal, seemingly uncontrollable urge to do the opposite overtakes you.

You know you should say ‘no’ when you are asked if you want a huge piece of cake and ice cream, but you say ‘yes’ instead. Or you know you should be moving your body rather than sitting all day, but you don’t. Or you are just paralyzed – stuck – wanting to do something, anything that will help you lose weight but unsure – so you do nothing.

Try Weight Mastery instead and take back control over your life.


The people who succeed at Weight Mastery are those who have long-term emotionally exciting reasons to make necessary lifestyle changes permanent. Dr. Randy helps you find yours!

Weight Mastery gives you extra tools and strategies to lose weight, individually assessed, in addition to your H20 Fasting Reset and Jazzed for Juice Programs.

Our Weight Mastery Program is based on Dr. Randall Hardy’s over 35 years experience in the weight loss and wellness industry, (including 22 years in the destination wellness resort and spa business).

He has helped many hundreds of people lose weight and keep it off using sound principles of natural health and also by a deep and personal understanding of the psychology of addictions and compulsions (cravings).

With proven physiological and psychological strategies, he gets to the core of why many people have not lost weight long term thereby helping people make a quick turn-around.

Dr. Randy guides your individualized program to lose the fat you want, safely and effectively.

On this program, you won’t ‘fall through the cracks.’ You will be taken step-by-step towards making and committing to a powerful and personal decision to lose weight once and for all and to keep the fat off, permanently!

This is a not a diet program. We don’t believe in unnecessary deprivation, nor calorie counting (the healthy foods you are taught to eat will fall within an accepted caloric range for you individually).

Although you can learn lose weight on our Jazzed for Juice and H20 Fasting Reset ProgramsWeight Mastery provides that extra attention for you to lose weight on an individual basis. If you need extra care and guidance, this program is for you.

Heredity can be overcome

“Weight Mastery” goes beyond providing educated
nutritional and exercise suggestions, to facilitating lasting
lifestyle changes by helping people to connect with what is realistic for them…will help you to strengthen your
mind-body connection and prevent health issues from arising.

M. Trinidad

Finally a program that works

After years of struggling with weight and food issues, I have finally found something that truly works! I’ve tried all kinds of diet programs for most of my life, only to end up failing and feeling very out of control and lost. I knew I needed a lifestyle change but I had no idea what direction to take or how to accomplish it.

L. Haria

After feeling down over the holidays, realizing how much weight I had gained over the past three years (approx. 45 lbs)…So far I have lost 17 lbs, with 28 more pounds to lose. What I like about Dr. Hardy’s program is there is no calorie count or menu to follow. Understanding the concept of what and why I am following this program was and is most important to me. 

T. Lundberg

What You Get With The Weight Mastery Add-on Program (minimum stay 7 nights):


While you are on your Jazzed for Juice or H20 Fasting Reset Programs:

  • Two private 1/2 hour sessions with Dr. Randy – one at the beginning of your stay and one at the end of your program.
  • Evaluation: Body fat analysis, BMI, body area measurements, weight, etc. These numbers will give you a baseline and we will work out your target goals together.
  • Extra spa services: one 50 minute reflexology session & one 75 minute lymph drainage massage.
  • The Weight Mastery Book (ebook and accompanying PsynchroMind mp3 audio file) — a specially made weight loss program to help you stay on track.
  • 2 phone call follow-up sessions (30 minute each) when you go home.

The Weight Mastery Add-on Program Price: Only $495