This program is truly all-inclusive: accommodations, all re-feeding meals after water fasting and jucing, wellness lectures, movement & meditation classes, food prep sessions, etc. – everything is available for you to enjoy, learn and experience.

Included is one free spa spa credit for $100 for 7+ nights or $75 for 4+ Night guests to nourish your mind, body and soul! An extra $100 spa credit is given for every 7+ nights. Spa credits are per person.

We endeavor to make Naturally Well By The Shore at the Ramada Resort and Spa your home away from home: a place to feel welcome, cared for and respected as a friend.

Begin, renew or recommit to your health and weight loss goals!


The Naturally Well by the Shore Programs can be the first step to real wellness and literally transform your life by giving you the tools to embrace your own power to heal in mind, body and spirit.

You can stay for 3 – 14 Nights during your visit. For example if you wanted to stay 5 Nights, we would prorate the 4 Night Price and add the 5th Night. 

Please note that the Program Rates below are in Canadian dollars which means a substantial savings for our American friends with the currency exchange in your favour. Canadians do not have to pay a higher currency premium exchange by staying in Canada!

Current Rates:

  • Choose Program

  • All-Inclusive Program
  • Deluxe Room
  • Free Spa Credit
  • 7 Night Single

  • $2295

  • $100
  • 7 Night Double

  • $1895

  • $100 per person
  • 4 Night Single

  • $1449

  • $75
  • 4 Night Double

  • $1149

  • $75 per person

  • Choose Program

  • All-inclusive Program
  • Deluxe Room
  • Free Spa Credit
  • 3 Night Single

  • $1149

  • 3 Night Double

  • $949

  • Day Program

  • $199

Double occupancy rates are per person. HST (taxes) of 13% not included.

Please note that 2 Night Programs are based upon room availability. Please call 10 days before your intended reservation to inquire if we can accommodate you.

Program prices are based on deluxe rooms. There are premium suites  at slightly higher prices. Please see premium rooms fee below. To see room pictures, please visit our accommodations page.

Water fasters get daily personal supervision plus extra group lectures weekly.

Day Program: Local area residents within 40 km of Naturally Well by the Shore with residential ID proof may participate in the Jazzed for Juice Day Program with no accommodation included based upon availability. This excludes guests who wish to participate in the H-2-0 Fasting Reset Program (water fasting program).


Bring your Friend, Spouse or Family Member, Share a Room and You Can Both Save!