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Becoming Naturally Well with Seikon-Chikara Wellness Principles

A Simple, Effective & Doable 3 Step Formula to Regain Health and Optimize Wellness.


Shift & Manage Your Energy

  1.  Metabolism
  2. Adrenal and Thyroid Gland Function
  3. Gut Health
  4. Sleep Habits
  5. Nutrition & Exercise

Shift & Manage your Focus

  1. Mindfulness
  2. Meditation / Relaxation
  3. Affirmations of Intent
  4. Centering
  5. Keeping Your Word to Yourself




Shift & Manage Your Attitude

  1. Mindset Matters
  2. The Psychology of Well-being
  3. A Sustaining Life Philosophy
  4. Purpose & Destiny
  5. Sane, Simpler Living

Our Nutritional Focus:

Group 1: 'Go' Foods

These food items you can eat plentifully and are high-water content.

Group 2: 'Easy Does It' Foods

Good for you foods. They need to be moderated.

Group 3: 'Caution' Foods

These are foods to be eaten sparingly.

Group 4: 'Avoid' Foods

Avoid or cut way back on these foods. Disease & body fat producing.

We have been in the natural health and wellness sector for over 40 years in both a clincial setting and with thousands of people at destination health resorts.

Over this time, we have studied, followed and lived many types of dietary preferences and philosophies including:


  • vegan
  • vegan raw
  • vegetarian
  • plant based vegan diet with organic chicken, some organic eggs and wild-caught fish
  • keto, paleo and
  • a regular meat and potato and junk food diet in our younger years

Our Conclusions:

  • Vegan: a great cleansing program and wonderful for the planet and the animals, but not a sustainable & nourishing long term dietary program for many people – need to add grains, soy & legumes for variety and calories which may not be the healthiest foods for some people with health issues
  • Vegan raw:  some cooked food is necessary for most people living in colder climates and again, not long term sustainable & nourishing
  • Vegetarian: many people add dairy and plentiful grains to their vegetarian program which are not healthy for some people
  • Paleo: reliance on a meat centered diet, too forming in the body
  • Keto: a higher fat program – therapeutically excellent, but can be too acid-forming long term – ketogenic plans are meat and dairy-heavy, creating a host of other problems
  • A regular meat and potato and junk food diet: why are most people so sick in our society? No mystery.
  • *Plant based vegan diet with organic chicken, some organic eggs and wild-caught fish; low glycemic fruit; occasional Group 3 Foods: healthy long term dietary program with no dairy products – please see chart below

*This is the program we recommend for long-term health maintenance

Our Opinion Based on Years of Experience:

Therapeutic, short term cleansing to enable maximum healing:

1.Green vegetable juicing / plant based vegan program

2. Water fasting for up to 7 days

A Healthy Long-Term Maintenance Dietary Program When You Return Home:

A Plant based vegan diet with organic chicken, some organic eggs (optional) and wild-caught fish: this is a healthy long term dietary program with no red meat, little or no grains, no dairy products and no sugar & observing the following guidelines:

  • Blood sugar / insulin response: imperative to monitor because processed carbohydrates are killers. Some people need also need to watch the consumption of high glycemic foods like tropical fruits, bread and white potatoes.
  • Acid / Alkaline (congestive vs. flow foods): generally, our tissues need to be in a slightly high alkaline range for optimum well-being. A state of chronic metabolic acidosis is inflammatory-producing and thus disease inducing
  • Organic food, locally bought whenever possible: eating close to nature as it was always intended to be
  • Intermittent fasting: an eating pattern that cycles between fasting and eating that helps restore health, lose weight and perhaps live longer

In a nutshell, when you return home, we recommend:


  • Organic plant-based, high water content, whole-food, low-carbohydrate foods
  • Little to no grains, beans, legumes and red meat
  • Avoid white sugar and white flour, dairy and all products made with them
  • Practise intermittent fasting regularly

This nutritional approach is much better for people’s health than a low-fat, high carb diet or even a pure keto / paleo diet.

We often refer to this back-to-basics approach as the Hippie Foods approach which is a back to the land revolutionary way of living.

Group One Foods

High Water Content Foods:

  •  Plentiful Veggies, Salads and Pure Water;
  • No restrictions

Group Two Foods

Needs moderation – each category 3-4 x week max:

  • *Organic fowl or 
  • *Wild-caught fish
  • Organic eggs
  • Organic seeds and nuts
  • Low sugar fruits

*Fish & fowl are one category i.e. consume either 3 – 4 x per week only

Group Three Foods:

Eaten sparingly or avoid:

  • Grains
  • Beans
  • Legumes
  • Pulses
  • Shell fish
  • Tropical fruits (if you are carbohydrate sensitive)

Group Four Foods

Must avoid or only on special occasions:

  • Red meat
  • White flour & sugar products (junk foods)
  • Dairy
  • Alcohol
  • Coffee & black tea
  • Fried foods
  • Sodas (Pop)
We have helped & inspired many hundreds of people!

Marian and Dr. Randy have been in private practice and have run wellness programs in Canada and the USA for over 30 years!

It’s All Here For You & It’s All-Inclusive!


Your Jazzed for Juice, H20 Fasting Reset & Weight Mastery Programs Include:

  • Beautiful and comfortable deluxe room accommodations with private bathrooms, guest sitting areas, free hi-speed internet access, air conditioning
  • Optional initial consultation with Dr. Randy at the beginning of your stay
  • Organic juices, reverse osmosis water, nutritious plant-based meals (no soy, gluten, white potatoes, corn, dairy, meat, eggs, additives or processed sugar) plus snacks depending on your chosen program
  • Daily weekday health lectures
  • A take-home special ‘Naturally Well, Seikon-Chikara Shift 3 Things’ wellness and strategies workbook to accompany the health lectures
  • Daily walks
  • Optional ‘mindful eating’ group dinner with Dr. Randy once a week for juicers & water fasters who are in re-feeding stage
  • Daily meditation / mindfulness classes
  • Weekly gourmet natural foods prep and cooking class
  • Smaller guest numbers for more one-on-one support if requested

Bonus: One free spa service credit worth $100 / $75 for our 7 / 4 Night Programs. Get an extra spa credit worth $100 for every 7 night extension of your program!


Helping You Make The Correct Lifestyle & Wellness Choices (& how to ‘cheat’ safely)

We help you understand and apply the principles of the physiology of natural healing AND the psychology of lasting change.