The Imagine Membership Program

If you are a frequent visitor, we want to reward you.

Close your eyes.

Now imagine yourself gently rocking on the porch swing on the Victorian Veranda or in winter, losing yourself in deep thought gazing out the window at the pure white snow. Or walking along trails under sun-drenched skies, after a scrumptious meal that titillates the senses. And, after all that, a massage to wind the day down gently.

Indulge yourself with mini-wellness vacations allowing space and time between hectic schedules and daily routines whenever you need a well-deserved break.

Does the idea of a wellness vacation in a pristine environment for 3, 4 or 7+ nights away several times a year peak your interest?

Then the Imagine Club is for you!

For only a *$1199 membership fee, each time you visit us you will receive a 15% discount from your program price. The membership is for 2 years so you will have plenty of time to save money on each visit, instantly.

The more you visit, the more you save!

Plus, you will still get a discount on top of any special we are running. You will also accumulate points if you signed up for our free ‘Refer a Friend’ Program.

*Membership is for 2 years and is non-transferable. Can be purchased anytime before your visit and within 3 days after your last visit with us to be eligible for the discounted rate. Membership is not retroactive and cannot be used for spa services.